Latana Uses Machine Learning to Help Retailers Track Their Marketing’s Impact

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Latana offers AI-powered brand tracking designed to help retailers make better marketing decisions with scalable insights. The solution provider’s machine learning technology can accurately track retailers’ brands to provides deep audience segmentation.

One area Latana’s dashboard can track is sustainability, which can help retailers manage consumer sentiment regarding their efforts in this area. Some of the capabilities designed to enhance the results of sustainability programs include:

  • Perception: The dashboard helps retailers understand their brand’s consumer sustainability perception in comparison to direct competitors;
  • Reasoning: Tracks the link shoppers make between the brand and sustainability in comparison to competitors;
  • Importance: Assesses the relevance and importance of sustainability to your shoppers;
  • Intent: Measures consumer intent to help determine if they will they pay more for your sustainable brand; and
  • Behavior: Detects consumer commitment to discover if they are already buying into sustainable options.

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