Renault Uses Mobile Apps To Bring Brand Content To Life

  • July 10, 2013 at 5:00 AM EDT
  • By Alicia Esposito
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Mobile usage is on the upswing, with 56% of American adults now using smartphones, versus 46% in 2012, according to the Pew Internet & American Life ProjectAdditional research from Pew also indicated that tablet adoption has accelerated: 34% of American adults now own tablet computers, versus only 18% during the same period in 2012.

To keep pace with this continuing rise of mobility, organizations across industries and verticals are investing in branded mobile experiences.

Renault, a luxury automobile manufacturer, has partnered with Adobe to provide a detailed brand publication on smartphones and tablets. Using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Renault is engaging fans on multiple mobile devices with immersive and educational experiences focused on the Captur urban crossover vehicle, according to Philippe Reynaud, Head Of Mobile Devices at Renault. As of June 2013, the apps had been downloaded 15,300 times.


“The mobile apps were created to install Renault brand presence across markets, while also offering the best navigation and interactive capabilities around our products,” Reynaud said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “The apps offer the ultimate experience after a consumer first discovers our brand via the web site, social media or a banner ad.”

From Concept To Reality

Renault developed the digital publication as part of a cross-channel digital campaign to generate buzz for the Captur automobile.

Designed to spotlight how the Captur was developed “from concept to reality,” the apps include professional videos, photos and exclusive content to familiarize prospective Captur customers.

For example, a section called “Under The Hood” allows app users to see through a digital model of the Captur. In addition, “Playing With Light” enables consumers to interact with the car by viewing it with different forms of lighting.

“We consider the apps to be the as the premium experience for Captur on the whole digital ecosystem, due to the high technology package embedded in a smartphone or tablet,” Reynaud explained. “The mobile apps also help simplify our marketing message because the immersive experience is visually sophisticated, but very easy to use.”

A series of lifestyle interviews with “new crossover customers,” including a photographer, surfer and video editor, also were included in the digital publications. These documentary-style videos play a “big part in the app experience,” according to Boris Petrovitch Njegosh, Corporate Identity Designer for Renault.

“We had a great opportunity to use exclusive content and portray a coveted lifestyle by partnering with Sébastien Prechoux, a French set designer,” Njegosh said. “Overall the digital publication content is 20% new and 80% existing.” Renault also republished new content from the mobile publication across other promotional channels, including the brand web site. “Our philosophy to produce once and publish everywhere aligned with the Adobe tools very efficiently.”

Currently, the average consumer visits the Renault smartphone and tablet apps for approximately 10 minutes, while 25% of consumers spend between 10 and 30 minutes, according to Renault research.

The amount of time consumers spend on the mobile apps and company web site is “historicized and shared with Renault subsidiaries and dealerships,” Reynaud stated. “Mobile offers a free, non-coercive way to create and send a marketing lead to our sales team. We no longer urge our prospects to request a brochure or take a test drive, but to share their points of interest with us. Once prospects enter a dealership, a salesman is able to look up their information and instantly provide the information they’re seeking. Customers don’t need to re-describe who they are and what they’re looking for.”



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