EBay Adds Security To Its Local Pickup Option With Formal Tracking

  • July 10, 2020 at 12:29 PM EDT
  • By Bryan Wassel
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eBay has enhanced its mobile app’s Local Pickup option with more convenient tracking and security features. The tool enables buyers to purchase items online and pick them up directly from sellers in their vicinity, eliminating the need for shipping fees and streamlining the delivery process.

The updated Local Pickup feature now secures the transaction with a formal “tracking event,” using the mobile device’s camera application and QR code scan capability to confirm and finalize the transaction. Upon arrival, the buyer provides the seller with the purchase confirmation and a secure eBay QR code, at which point the seller scans the QR code using the eBay App on their mobile device. The tracking API then generates an eBay Tracking Number with both date and time stamps and propagates it across eBay selling tools, APIs and buyer delivery experiences.

By using the code scan functionality, the transaction history is immediately updated with a “Picked Up” tracking event, which confirms that the exchange took place and formally closes the transaction. The new features are designed to improve fulfillment flow clarity and add security with the pickup confirmation signal. Additionally, disputes and claims can be handled with the provided tracking data, and any money transacted on eBay is now protected from fraudulent chargebacks.




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