Food City Pilots Blockchain-Powered Sourcing Solution For Seafood

  • October 28, 2019 at 4:42 PM EDT
  • By Adam Blair
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The Food City supermarket chain will test a solution powered by blockchain that is designed to provide better lines of sight into ethical sourcing and environmental compliance of the seafood sold in its stores. Topco Associates LLC, a U.S. food cooperative, will be testing the Wholechain traceability system from Envisible at its member grocery chains, beginning with Food City. The Envisible system is powered by Mastercard’s blockchain-based Provenance Solution.

“Using Envisible Wholechain, powered by Mastercard, our grocers will be able to stock shelves with confidence and also be able to pinpoint issues in the food chain during any unfortunate events such as recalls,” said Dan Glei, EVP, Merchandising and Marketing at Food City in a statement.

“Given consumers’ expectations for reliable information about the food that they eat, we’re excited to partner with Food City and Envisible on this trace and Provenance Solution pilot,” said Scott Caro, SVP of Fresh at Topco.


Mastercard has built a permissioned blockchain network within its global network that is designed to provide a secure tamper-proof ledger, high transaction throughput, enhanced security, transaction privacy and support for multiple use cases with one deployment. The Mastercard Provenance Solution also provides governance capabilities to complex supply chain networks, leveraging Mastercard’s track record of establishing trust and rules in highly regulated markets.


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