BeachMint Attracts New Customers With Kiip Mobile Rewards

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Emerging media channels are providing retailers with a variety of new ways to engage consumers and drive sales. Online gaming networks and mobile applications are valuable in that they enable multichannel merchants to connect with prospects who may be unfamiliar with their brand, and incent them to make a purchase.

BeachMint has partnered with gaming and app network Kiip to drive awareness of two of its brands: JewelMint, an online jewelry destination, and StyleMint, the apparel-focused site.

Kiip partners with mobile apps and games to offer users branded offers and discounts when they accomplish tasks. BeachMint tapped the Kiip Self-Serve in August 2013 to execute acquisition campaigns that drive long-term relationships and tangible business results.


“We launched two campaigns concurrently — one for JewelMint and one for StyleMint — and they started driving new leads and subscriptions right away,” said Nicole Jacob, Director of Online Acquisition for BeachMint, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “It was very clear right from the get-go that it was something people liked interacting with and really drove a lot of value.”

BeachMint provides unique offers to the Kiip network to familiarize consumers with the brand and drive sales. For example, one StyleMint deal offered consumers 50% off their first purchase, according to Jacob. “Because of that we’re seeing conversion rates double — or more — of what our typical conversions are like. It’s not only a really valuable tool for us, but it also provides exceptional value to our customers.”

Encouraging Action

Because offers are integrated seamlessly into the mobile gaming experience, it is a “really unobtrusive way to reach consumers,” Jacob added. “You can catch them at the right moment, and that’s what it’s all about.

This optimal moment for engagement is when consumers complete a task, reach a new level or threshold or successfully tackle a challenge. “They accomplish a task and then they’re presented with a reward,” Jacob explained. “It’s a really great way for us to reach our target audience and introduce them to the brand.”

Although Kiip has been valuable in driving brand awareness, Jacob noted that the game-based rewards also have helped “entice people who may have heard of our brand, but haven’t taken the time to explore it fully.”

Consumers are rewarded via an in-app pop-up notification once they accomplish a task. Once they enter their personal email addresses, a follow-up message is sent directly to their inboxes so they can redeem the offer or deal.

“I really like the email component because if they want to go back to what they’re doing in the app, they can,” Jacob said. “But then they still have our contact information, which they can refer to at a later time.”

Multiple touch point communication also is helpful should a consumer decide to switch devices, which is now commonplace during the browsing and buying journey, Jacob noted. “As an e-Commerce site, we do our best when consumers can look at our products in full detail, which often means a larger screen, such as a tablet or laptop. What’s great is that we’re all tethered to our mobile devices, which isn’t always an optimal experience when you want people to get acquainted with and buy tangible products.”

Due to the success of the Summer 2013 campaign, BeachMint executed a campaign leading up to Thanksgiving and through the first week of December. In the next year, the brand will “find ways to scale with Kiip,” Jacob said, “and hopefully make it a bigger part of our investment portfolio from a media buying perspective.”



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