Stash & Co. Introduces AI-Powered Cannabis Recommendation Engine

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Stash & Co., a Canadian cannabis retailer, has launched AI Budtender — software that can offer shoppers recommendations based on recreational parameters such as desired taste, effect and potency. The tool is powered by StrainBrain’s cannabis recommendation engine.

The AI derives its suggestions from hundreds of thousands of user reviews on various cannabis strains available for sale in Ontario. This personalization can help retailers offer the benefits of budtenders, who play an important role in cannabis sales, during a time when shoppers are hesitant to visit stores.

“We are very excited to be the first retailer in Canada to offer A.I. budtending as a part of our retail operations,” said Joe Glynn, General Operations Manager at Stash & Co in a statement. “With the increase in demand for online orders we are currently experiencing due to the recent spike in COVID cases in Canada, it is our aim to provide the same top-notch service online that we do in-store.”




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