DataWeave Debuts Price Optimization Solution

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DataWeave has introduced Competitive Retail & Pricing Intelligence, a price optimization solution designed to give retailers an edge in the face of the current e-Commerce explosion. DataWeave is a SaaS platform that provides competitive intelligence as a service, helping retailers compete with smarter pricing and merchandising decisions.

Using data aggregation at scale across complex web sources, mobile apps and specific zip codes, the solution features both Pricing Intelligence and Assortment Intelligence, which can help retailers build their most profitable mix of products.

With Pricing Intelligence, a retailer can:

  • Act on price improvement opportunities;
  • Build a desired price perception among shoppers; and
  • Analyze historical competitive pricing trends.

With Assortment Intelligence, a retailer can:


  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of product assortments;
  • Plug gaps in a product portfolio with the latest trending products; and
  • Track the movement of products in competitors’ assortments.

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