Bossa Nova Launches Slimmer Autonomous Robot Designed For Smaller Stores

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Bossa Nova, a data service provider for global retailers, has launched the Bossa Nova 2020 inventory data management system. This autonomous, AI-powered robot comes in a slimmer form factor that lets it navigate narrower aisles and has expanded intelligence capabilities that provide insights into fresh food, frozen food and apparel departments.

While Bossa Nova’s earlier models were aimed at large-scale stores, the new system is designed to work in medium and small-format stores with similar ease. The autonomous machines harness smart 2D and 3D camera systems with multi-focus, high-speed and high-resolution optics to see the full depth of shelves, then pass that information onto AI in the cloud to deliver insights.

Bossa Nova 2020 also has been developed with simplified assembly, high reliability and ease of servicing in mind.  The tool aims to streamline store processes, improve product availability and increase customer satisfaction by giving retailers a fuller view of their overall inventory.


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