Petco Debuts Cashier-Less Pilot Store

  • July 18, 2018 at 6:45 PM EDT
  • By Klaudia Tirico
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Petco is entering the cashier-less tech race by launching a new pet care store concept, PetCoach.The pilot opened in San Marcos, Calif., and was designed to highlight the customer experience by providing customers with clear visibility into each service area, casual gathering spaces for personal interactions and educational events.

For a monthly fee of $9, members can access the store’s suite of services — including grooming, training, veterinary care, nutrition consultations, day care, self-wash, mobile vet house calls and dog walking — all at a discounted price and all in one location. Additionally, PetCoach offers members up to five free veterinary visits per year at its on-site clinic.

The store will integrate with the Petco e-Commerce site, where shoppers can:


  • Create custom pet profiles;
  • Book in-store service appointments and get tailored reminders;
  • Access immediate professional pet health advice from licensed veterinarians;
  • Order from a vet-vetted selection of pet food and supplies; and
  • Search an extensive library of content relevant to their pet, including their own health and vaccination records, service history and more.

“The new PetCoach location serves as an innovation lab where we can test and learn more about what pet parents want and need to live their best lives with their pets,” said Brock Weatherup, EVP, Strategic Innovation and Digital Experience at Petco, in a statement. “The concept allows us to continue creating new, differentiated and personalized pet care experiences, all backed by our extensive veterinary expertise and support.”

The store also sells a small selection of products offered at other Petco locations. A team of “pet coaches” work to assist shoppers both online and in store.



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