South Bend Brew Werks Adds New Payment, Loyalty Options With Genius

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The payment space constantly is evolving, particularly with the U.S. transition to the Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) global standard, and the increasing adoption of Near Field Communication (NFC) and other mobile payment options. In response, retailers are keeping pace with new developments by replacing old hardware with new, cloud-based solutions that accommodate new payment, discount and loyalty program options.
South Bend Brew Werks successfully is adapting to new payment and loyalty trends by leveraging the Genius Customer Engagement Platform from Merchant Warehouse, which is integrated into VeriFone MX915 hardware. Using the cloud-based, PCI-compliant solution, South Bend Brew Werks can accept a variety of payment options, and integrate loyalty program information and discounts more seamlessly and cost efficiently, according to Andrew Elegante, owner of the home brewing supply store, which soon will include a “brewpub.”

“Since we are a relatively new company, simplicity and ease of use are very important to us,” Elegante said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We wanted a payment solution that offered a ‘plug, play and forget’ approach.”


{loadposition MWIAA} South Bend Brew Werks team members now are saving time and money by downloading a variety of mobile commerce, payment and loyalty solutions directly through the Genius platform. Currently, the merchant is utilizing LevelUp, a card-linked mobile payment application, but plans to integrate loyalty programs and targeted offers in the near future to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

“Our shop has many loyal customers that visit us regularly and often refer friends,” Elegante said. “Through the Genius mobile commerce application integrations, we now have a way to give these customers targeted rewards. Essentially we have turned what used to be a countertop device at the register into a powerful marketing and loyalty platform for our business.”

Updates made for Genius and all partner apps are pushed through the cloud, so the merchant doesn’t need to focus time or financial resources on making hardware updates or replacements.

As a small business owner, Elegante is tasked to manage and address a variety of obligations at the front- and back-end of the provided customer experience. With so many other responsibilities to tackle, he explained, it is a must for him to cut complexity whenever possible.

“The two major benefits we’ve seen so far have been the reduction in cost associated with processing payments, and the simplicity of an integrated platform,” Elegante said. “Our company now has a distinct local advantage in terms of being on the cutting-edge of technology and payment solutions.”



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