TouchPoints TV at #NRF14: Michael Colaneri, AT&T

  • February 6, 2014 at 11:24 PM EST
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Mobility is at the top of the list, then integration and analytics, according to Colaneri. “Mobility is a little more than just a smartphone that consumers have in their hands — they are looking at engaging with retailers throughout the shopping experience. From an integration perspective, retailers are very much interested in integrating the entire experience no matter what the touch point is.” Finally, the analytics associated with the behaviors of consumers are very important, he noted. Regarding the term “omnichannel,” Colaneri said he defines it as “a retailer looking at every single touch point a consumer might have with them.” I do see that continuing…the concept of engaging the consumer, no matter how they interface with the retailer, is very, very important.



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