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Glassons, the New Zealand high-street fashion brand, tapped Landini Associates to design a new store format. The main goal was to better present and elevate Glassons’ product lines without reducing SKUs. Landini Associates ultimately challenged traditional display methods by removing all of the product from the walls and creating wardrobe-like display units throughout the store. 

The design creates more walls without merchandising the real ones. This approach eliminates the cluttered feel of most high-street fashion stores without reducing the volume of product on the floor. In fact, the design actually allows for 50% more product on the floor but still successfully conveys a more minimalist aesthetic.

The design palette is simple, creating a clean, sharp and fresh interior with a touch of urban. Featuring a warm white palette, the design includes materials including light oak timber, concrete, mirror and a white floor. The shop front is designed completely open at the front, with full height glazing on the other sides. This offers greater visibility for shoppers, inviting them to come in, browse and go as they feel like. At the rear of the store, a wall of mirrors hides stock and changing rooms and further enhances the sense of space. On another wall, a floor-to-ceiling projection screen showcases local imagery to create a sense of local pride and belonging to the brand. This design feature also aims at highlighting and celebrating Glassons’ local personality in the face of global fast-fashion brands coming to Australia and New Zealand. 

The innovative design has been so successful that Glassons is converting all of its stores to the new concept. Store sales consistently have exceeded expectations and now, landlords who once turned away Glassons are now inviting the retailer into to their malls.

Photo credit: Landini Associates



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