Steve Ragan on Retail Remix
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Episode 38

Are the Holidays Creating More Cybersecurity Risk?

Featuring: Steve Ragan, Akamai

Many of us know the risks of creating obvious and uncomplicated passwords like “password123,” “12345,” or (gulp) our name and birthday. But has that really stopped us from changing our ways? Not really, according to Steve Ragan, Lead Security Researcher at Akamai.
Ragan has been covering the cybersecurity space for about 15 years and he believes that although the threats have become more sophisticated and widespread, retailers’ and consumers’ response plans haven’t changed effectively. As a result, retail and hospitality businesses have become prime targets. According to Akamai’s State of the Internet Report90% of all credential stuffing attacks during a two-year period targeted retail. During this episode of Retail Remix, Ragan digs into:

  • What makes credential stuffing attacks so damaging;
  • How COVID is accelerating cybercrime activity and maturity;
  • How social media is accelerating fake brands and brand ripping; and
  • What brands and consumers can do to better protect their data.


  • Download the 2020 State of the Internet report
  • Learn more about Akamai’s retail-specific offerings
  • Get the latest data from the Akamai Consumer Retail Survey here

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