Andy Ellwood on Retail Remix
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Episode 37

With COVID, Grocery Finally Goes Digital

Featuring: Andy Ellwood, Basket

Even when we’re not in lock down, we’ve likely all been minimizing the number of trips we take to stores, even grocery stores. That’s why, following years of buzz, we’re finally seeing a boost in digital grocery shopping. Although grocery shopping app Basket has always focused on helping customers find the best price for items on their shopping lists, the company has uncovered a new opportunity: to help grocers and brands better understand and serve shoppers, even as their needs and behaviors change.
During this episode, Basket co-founder Andy Ellwood reveals:

  • How Basket has evolved from a shopping app to a powerful insights platform;
  • Key trends and consumer behaviors the app is tracking in light of the pandemic;
  • Why these behaviors are driving Basket’s strategic priorities;
  • Ways retailers and brands can adapt to respond to online grocery’s official arrival; and
  • The future of loyalty in grocery.


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